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We want you to get right to the point: Producing your own high-quality medicine.


When we first got started in at-home, dispensary-quality medical cannabis cultivation, we were just like you. We figured the process would be easy. What more would we need than a few seeds, a bucket of dirt, and some water? Put up lights over top of everything and VOILA! — we’ll be smoking in 5 months.


As you can guess (or have already experienced), things didn’t exactly play out as we imagined.


After many trips to the grow shop for new gear, waiting around to see if it would work, and thousands of dollars of trial-and-error, we realized that going it alone and not giving the process proper attention meant a lot of rookie mistakes, wasted time, and burning money (instead of burning the fruits of your harvest).


We're here to help you to learn from our errors: to succeed where we first struggled, to help you take the fastest route to flowering plants.


We’ve come a long way since our early days, having spent time learning and exploring at the forefront of the industry — in California and Colorado for more than 15 years combined. In order to stay up to date with the latest knowledge and practices, we’ve attended leading cannabis conferences around the country. Now we are bringing that knowledge and experience back home to St. Louis so that folks in our community can benefit from what we’ve learned and produce their own medicinal herbs right in their own homes.


Whether you already have a green thumb or have never successfully kept a houseplant alive, we can supplement what you know and give you hands-on support so you get the greatest return on your investment of your time and resources, but also so you get the most enjoyment out of the experience. Growing weed is fun after all, just like tending a vegetable garden or brewing your very own variety of IPA.


You can go the trial-and-error method if you wish. Sure. (But I think we both already know how that usually goes.)


Or, you can continue reading and learn about our services that can get you started today. The Weed Squad is just a phone call away.

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