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If you want to work with us, you gotta get legal.


All of our clients must hold a qualifying patient or primary caregiver cultivation card. If you don’t have either of these cards, go to this website to find out if you qualify.


There is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to starting and sustaining a home-based grow operation. The Weed Squad offers a variety of services that depend on the personal time, involvement, and resources you are aiming to commit.

Office Consultation 


The Office Consultation is designed for people who want to build a grow room on their own.


We invite you to come to our office (for up to four hours) to discuss:

  • Basic explanation of marijuana cultivation

  • Assistance with a set of marijuana strains according to your needs as a patient

  • Equipment needs

  • Nutrient selection

  • Recommendations on books that carry crucial knowledge for long-standing growth success


By signing up for our consultation services, you’ll also receive 10% off all growing equipment purchased through us.


In-Home Consultation 


The In-Home Consultation includes the same offerings as the Office Consultation but with some added on-site attention.


This service brings The Weed Squad to your home (for up to 6 hours), where we will talk about the most advantageous grow site in your house and make plans for the building materials you’ll likely need.

Other On-Call Needs


For anything outside of P&D services — such as, if you are building on your own and having difficulty or if you want some on-site advice on maximizing your yield, we offer hourly consultation services and rates. 

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