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All of our grow ops are designed to supply the patient with their 90 day supply (typically 12 ounces of dried flower) approximately every 90 days.  The driving factors here being how closely you follow our program and what strains you select.

Also included with every grow op is living organic water only soil, all necessary equipment, delivery, setup and training.

Single Patient Grow Op


Includes everything you need for a semi self sustained organic garden, starting with a 5x5 tent system for vegetative growth and flowering, and a mother plant and cloning station.

A minimum of 130 sq.ft. is required for this setup making it perfect for a spare room.

Multi-Patient Grow Op 


With this system we can either build two rooms in your basement or outbuilding, or take over existing space if it is big enough.  One room will be for vegetative growth and flowering, and the other for mothers and clones.

A minimum of 224 sq.ft. is required for this setup.


'From Seed to Harvest' Consultation to Cultivation—


We are here for you for more than just the initial setup.


You’ll have questions throughout the initial grow period, and we want to make sure you get the knowledge and insights you need to keep your plants healthy and flowering.

We will include two home visits at your request and as many phone calls as you need until all of your questions and concerns are answered.




With Saint Louis Organics, you are tapping into more than 30 years of combined experience in Grow Room Construction.


We only use licensed, insured, and bonded contractors for all electrical installations. All of the equipment installed will meet our high standards for energy efficiency and ecological friendliness. Our goal is also to ensure that your grow operation is financially efficient, making the process ever-the-more economical as you go. Additionally, all of our set ups and builds will come with our own organically amended water only soil specifically formulated for cannabis production.


What’s more: Anything built or installed by Saint Louis Organics that isn’t already covered by its own manufacturer warranty will come with our own 2-year on-site warranty.

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